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Explore Your Consciousness

Explore your consciousness through guided visualisation techniques in monthly group workshops on Zoom with Dream Co Creators.

Our bespoke methods make you the guide through your own dream-like / meditative state. This unique process puts you in the driver’s seat of the session, giving you the most authentic experience of exploring your own consciousness and bringing out your own inner wisdom. Importantly, this is a drawing out of your own inner wisdom, which is the best possible medicine for you. Everyone in the group receives initial training so that the only judgement, thoughts and feelings you experience are your own, not influenced by your partner or anyone else.

If you want to explore your consciousness and this sounds like the meditation experience you’ve been looking for, read on…

In the beginning…

Working one-on-one with a partner, you will be guided into meditation and begin to speak out what your senses pick up in the experience. An image is very likely to form, since our unconscious mind makes efficient use of images to store our world view and information about ourselves. The images you see are reflections of aspects of yourself that your unconscious wants to offer up for review in the moment.

From this initial arrival into the meditative state, with all your senses fully activated, you are free to explore your Inner Sacred Space (as I like to call it) in any way you wish. There are only rules here if you make them up! Your partner will hold the space for you, reminding you to bring love to anything you experience and guiding you into a deeper exploration of your consciousness than you previously thought possible. We all have our blind spots, and your partner will ask you to look closer and see what you didn’t see before.

Moving forward…

At Dream Co Creators, we have hundreds of exercises that can open up new perspectives in your mind, helping you explore your consciousness. Each month you will experience a new exercise, taking you into an aspect of your consciousness that you may not have previously known consciously.

£2,222 for one year’s membership BUT £1,111 for the year.

To find out for sure if this form of exploring your consciousness is for you, take my 5 question survey (2 min) and confirm.

Explore Your Consciousness
Connect your Inner and Outer Worlds through our Meditation