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I’m James Goodhew, founder of Dream Co Creators.

Through my life I have seen my unthinkable personal dreams come true – all the way to attending an exclusive retreat on a small island off the coast of Thailand.  I know the feeling of deep ecstasy that comes when a personal dream is fulfilled – and that’s exactly why I created Dream Co Creators: I want you to have that very same feeling.

I’ve also always wanted an inner circle filled with people who love to explore the unknown of self.  To go places people haven’t yet been.  To talk about their experiences openly and without fear – and also to receive the safe space to do that myself.  It is my sincere hope that you will receive so much wisdom from your Higher Self through Dream Co Creators sessions, that you will want to become a part of that inner circle with me.  We will spend weekends and even weeks together around the open fire, creating ceremony and allowing our very beings to dance through the unknown.

Dream Co Creators is the product of a long journey through time, space, thought and feeling.  It began in my childhood, where I would allow myself to slip into another’s life, living out a few possible futures for them in my mind.  My life became all about them for a while.  This happened in my mind, and I would then deliver them a path which was both most positive for them and most accessible to them.  People around me got happier – but somehow, I did not.

I also valued people’s opinions and reasons for feeling certain ways – much much more than I valued my own.  This was largely taught in school by my peers, and it meant I could work with challenges in relationships from a young age, guiding people to hear each other out and come to common understanding.

This continued into university, when I dedicated a lot of my time and energy to this cause of helping others.  I can honestly say this gave me more reward than most of the subject matter I was studying at the time.  However, it also drained me faster than I could replenish, and when I started to commute 2 hours each way to a low-paid job, I decided enough was enough.

Having ceased this deep connection with others, I turned my attention to audio books.  I started with Gabby Bernstein, with her flagship book The Universe Has Your Back.  It most certainly did from the moment I read it, I can tell you.  I went on to receive wisdom from so many sources, attended webinar after webinar, course after course and all the spiritual events I could afford.  Then my truth finally struck me:

All we can do for another person in one moment is deliver one thing from within themselves.

James Goodhew, dream co creators

I flipped this on its head, thanks to learning from A Course In Miracles: every encounter has a message or meaning for us.  Something we are meant to learn.  I started seeing messages from the Universe about which direction I should take in life, and when to call a certain person.  These messages have given me a deep seated trust in the world – every time I connect and follow the path I see, little synchronous miracles sprinkle themselves along the way.

I began to see that life is full of events that happen now – it is always now.  The future cannot be accessed.  The past is only available to us as memories, and is represented by the marks in and on our bodies and the world.  There is little use living in the past or the future, so my previous ‘gift’ of venturing into the future to bring forth a pleasant path for someone…  I realised they would only ever take the first step or two, before being guided once more by their own being (whether they heard their intuition talking to them or not).

Along the way I connected with various shamanic practitioners and ceremony hosts.  I learned of animal totems and energy centres (chakras).  I discovered parts of my life that were under-nourished in terms of what energy I give them, and I learned to value play.  In fact I learned to value everything that happens, because it has value.  Every event has value in its potential to guide infinite possible future events.  Only one thing has more value even than that: our perception, our understanding of those events in our lives.  The thoughts we think cause us to act in a certain way, and these actions – and their results – cause us to enter emotional states.  These emotional states, if left to their own devices, can be debilitating or life-giving in equal measure – it is up to us to continue to create out of them that which we wish to see in our world.

Pulling all of this together, along with my voice and my presence – which I’m often told are calming and peaceful – I bring you Dream Co Creators.   An exploration of the inner world, the Sacred Space within which connects us to our Higher Self.  Connect with your Inner Wisdom as I guide you to explore in complete safety, receiving messages and guidance to translate into your one next step.  This next step will be perfectly aligned with your being, and you will be so confident it will take you towards your personal dreams that you will take that action immediately.  That’s what this is all about.

This is the greatest gift one person can give to another: one single achievable next step, perfectly aligned, which your entire being is excited to take.

James Goodhew, Dream Co Creators

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